Friday, March 16, 2018

Something you didnt know...

Once upon a time I had a
home mural painting business.
Here are a few favorites of mine...
 this Jungle mural was painted on a large drop cloth
so it could be mailed.
A fake window in this little bathroom...
flowers that never die
I loved this frog mural that
was on a wall in little boys bathroom.
above is a shower curtain I painted to go in this boys bathroom!
A laundry room with clothes on the line!
The owner had me include favorite
clothing items on the line.
French doors on a patio
Soft billowy clouds on a livingroom ceiling
Nursery ryes all around this babies room
A boys room who loved his trucks! 
and window overlooking a garden in a master bath
I painted the cups accents to
match dishes the owner had
in their kitchen.
A local golf course on a golf enthusiasts
basement rec room.
A nature bedroom
A little girls dresser

 It was a nice little business.
Most of my clients came
from word of mouth.  They would see
a house I did and call me
to do something in their house.
I work full time at my job
and did this on my
off days   Eventually it got
to be  too much but it was
a fun thing to do for a few years!


Monday, March 12, 2018

What a difference 10 years makes...

I was looking through old pictures and thought I would share them
as I was amazed at how different our little yard now looks.
The picture below is from spring 2008
 and this one below is
10 years later....
you can see how many of the trees
seen below were not planted
and I didn't have greenhouse
and there was no pond 
 2008 Below when my husband was laying
out the rocks for my garden area for me
and now with the garden and fence
I especially love how my planted trees
block out the house behind me.
This little side garden was expanded
and a cherry tree planted on the right
Lots of perennials have been
planted and side gardens have
been added.
2008 Below 
and now...
It's not the same angle but all these plants were
 replanted and the area was enlarged when the apple
tree above fell over.  I was so sad when
that happened but now I
can see how much prettier this looks now.
This is the same view as above looking at
the trampoline and play set.
 Below the side of deck 2008
and  now....
My husband and I built new plastic lattic privacy screens.
to hold up to weather and not needing
to ever be restained.
So what is the moral of this story?
Well sometimes you
really don't realize how far
you've come until you take a look
back and see what you started with.
This makes me smile
as my 50th birthday is right
around the corner and I can
see how I helped make my
little space much prettier than
I realized.  I am really
looking forward to Spring now!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Busy Glazing

I have been glazing these ornaments that I made. 
I drew out their shapes on paper and then traced their
outline on clay.  I then carved in details on both sides.
At first I was going to insert a small ring in the hole
in their heads.  I will see if it'll work.  I added the loops
on others.  I can't wait to see how they come out!

plus I added 
to my shop!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bunny Ornaments

I have been busy making new
Easter Bunny
ornaments to add to my
Etsy shop in time for Easter.
Which falls on 1 April 18.
 Last years example
As a child my German mother always
made an Easter tree for us with spring branches.
Real blown out eggs were painted and hung on the
branches.  I first made bunnies to add to my
Easter tree. Everyone seemed to like them
a lot so I added them again to my Etsy shop.
Look for these in my shop.
  I individually pressed paper clay
into antique metal chocolate molds.
They are created one at a time so each
 item may be shaped slightly different
 or a bit more irregular as the paper clay
I hand paint  each ornament with acrylic paints.
The flashy fluffy tails are added lastly with feathers.
 Which I totally love the
fun tails.  I think they add a bit
of whimsy to the ornaments!
I have a few more paper clay
ornaments to photograph
I am also working on a new type
of ornament which are taking
more time to create so I don't know if they will
be ready before Easter.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Moss & Vines

I am trying to broaden
 my skills with clay.
My goal is to take things
up a few notches and explore
different things with clay.
I have begun sculpting and
carving a very involved piece.
 I want my clay sculptures to be
perceived as a piece of art.
I love woods and forest. 
 It is one of my favorite places to be.
   I feel great peace and tranquility
when I am in the woods.  I want to
express many things I like in
the woods and am planning 
to create a series of pottery art on a
 woodland theme. This bowl
with be first in the
 series and depicts moss and vines
that are often seen in the woods.

I enjoyed working on this
so much that time just
flew by! Here you
can see the bottom of the bowl.
the moss and
 vines go around the bottom.
Then as the clay became a bit
 more firm I flipped it over
and began sculpting the inside.
I chose wild morning glories
as my flower for this piece.
I wanted something wild and viny. 
It's kind of odd that I picked this
flower because they are a 
menace to me in my vegetable garden.
The are impossible to kill and they
 basically will keep
 growing and climbing no matter how
many times you try to pull them up. 
Their roots run deep. If I think of them
in that light you almost have to admire
their tenacity. It is something
I admire. I like the
whole theme of being wild and
 unstoppable and felt this
was a good vision for my piece.
Here you can see how much time
 and detail went into each flower. moss grows on rocks
I added a dragonfly which is
 also a favorite of mine.
Once done I could see how you
can't see the bottom detail as it sits on a flat
surface.  So this will be displayed in a stand.
This will take me an insane amount of time
to glaze.  I also have future plans
for a sculpted statue
that will go with this piece!