Thursday, October 19, 2017

A few recent creations...

The red snowflakes are an idea of mine
to hang on long ribbons in the window.
I am thinking they will pop
against my white window sheers.

A new butter dish I made which
I chipped the yellow top yesterday
ARGH! so I guess I will be making another one.

the green pumpkin bowl

A bird bathe with a stick holder.
Where any stick can be inserted for
the birds to sit on.

A hanging bird bath or bird feeder.
I am going to hang it under my pine tree
and put bird seed
in it this winter for the big
birds that don't fit on my
bird feeders.

This little bowl I didn't think would accept the glaze because it was misfired at
a temp that was too high by mistake.  So I just wanted to see what
would happened and it took so it came out ok.

 I challenge you to find some time
and make something.
Its a great way to relax
and you never know you
may find a new passion!
Go Create Something!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 I am busy working on glazing some
bisque fired pieces of mine.
Each one is covered in 3 coats of glaze.
I am hopeful my shading will
come out the way I
envision.  There is no exact
way to know for sure
before firing.
It takes me quite a while to get the glaze
details painted the way I think they should be.
There always is some uncertainty...
How will this look once
it's fired?   Is the red- red enough or
pink the shade I wanted?
 That part is a bit nerve wracking and
exciting at the same time.
So I will see....and keep plugging
away at it!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Celebrate Fall

Fall is my #1 favorite season.
I love the coziness of it
and to celebrate fall  I started
decorating my house for
fall a few years ago.
I warms up the dark nights until
Christmas and it makes me happy.
I'm a firm believer
in making things look pretty
to make your everyday brighter.
Corny but it does make me feel
better as the dark Michigan winter
is around the corner.
I add a few little
fall things on our entry
way table
I do my faux fireplace mantel above.
This cement fireplace was my parents
and I have pictures of me standing
in front of it when I was 3.  I add leaves,
lights and ceramic pumpkins
I do the same for the real
On the side table in the dining room
I display some pumpkin plates, lights
and gourds.
On the front porch I have
lanterns that I fill with
strands of lights and
fake leaves.  I was thrilled to
find gold lights at Hobby Lobby
this year.  I like them better
than the orange lights actually.
Orange is not my favorite color.

The pumpkins are fake.  I
got tired of the squirrels
chewing up my real ones
so I got these.
I painted this little sign.
It says " I can feel fall
dancing in the trees"
Then at night the lights
cozy everything up for me.


I can't help it...
Not sure if I ever mentioned that
I'm a Visual Merchandiser.
What I do for a living is
decorate stores and display
merchandise for stores.  So
that's why I like decorating a lot.
Now days they don't do the
big elaborate displays
like the shop windows.
It's more simplified and
more centered around graphic
signing, but it kind of
explains why I like decorating.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Feeling Short On Time

I have been trying to work on fall cleaning
in the yard and decorating for fall.
It just seems to be taking me longer than usual.
Maybe this is why... 

Usually I take a week off work in September but
I didn't this year as I'm saving my vacation
leave to use later this year.
Being an animal Mom is time consuming.
There is always lots of cleaning and vacuuming of fur.

Each animal has their needs & wants
for love and attention everyday!

Finn is always into something..

Henley gets cuddles every night while I
watch some TV.

 During the day Finn and Henley hang out. 
Here Finn is enjoying  the new a cozy drawer
bed I made with a feather pillow inside.

Every night my big buns look for their time and cuddles.
Hank has now become accustomed to it too.

and every week the
birds get their bath so
their feathers don't dry out.

In the summer I garden
and make up bunny veggies
or make treats which include
baking and dehydrating

The parrots also get cooked food and fresh fruits daily

Not to mention
cleaning the
7 - big litter boxes we have
in our house.
2 cat boxes are sifted daily
and the 5 bunny boxes are
dumped completely and
filled with fresh
hay and shavings
 every other day.

I'm kind of a neat freak and
like everything clean
all the time.

and last but not least my
horse Hottie which
I board at a barn and go
out to see and ride a
minimum of 3 days per week.

I am so thankful for my wonderful
husband that helps me all the time with
all of the animals.  I'm grateful that he loves animals
and puts up with all my craziness.
It is obvious the animals all love him.  They
are a good judge of character.  Even
Finn loves him, even after Matt has been giving
him daily heart meds.

So I guess it kind of makes sense when I look at
why maybe I feel like I'm behind
due to being a little
short on time but ....

I know it seems like insanity...
but I believe it is my
calling and I can't imagine a
life without animals in it.
So maybe I am a little behind
on some things but that's because
it is filled with so much more!

It a world where it seems there
is so much tragedy going
on, I think it is good to
focus on the good things
that bring purpose to your life!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sad News...

I recently got some sad news on my
Finnegan. He was having bouts which would last
less than a minute but it seemed
like he was coughing up a fur ball
but there never was one. So I took
him to the vet.  I had a feeling it
would be heart related and sadly
I was right.  He has advanced heart
disease at only 4 yrs. old.  It was
confirmed by an echogram of his heart.
The vet estimated he may
have 3-6 months.
We are giving him 4 different
meds to keep him comfortable.
At the moment he seems fine.
He occasionally has a breathing
episode, but he other wise
seems fine and doing everything
he normally does.
I always wanted a Maine Coon cat.
My friend Connie Galant
sent me an email showing an ad that was up
on the bulleting board at
the hospital she works at
for Maine Coon kittens for sale.
She even gave me the suggestion
of his name Finnegan which I thought
just fit him perfect.
We had Taz the cat in the back who was a rescue. 
Taz  was terrified of Jake - our large dog.
We took Jake who also was a rescue, when my mother in law died. 
I told my husband if we got a kitten that wasn't afraid of
Jake, Taz would see that  it was ok and stop
living under our bed 24/7.
Which Finn totally did and  now
everyone lives peacefully together.
Such a adorable, fearless
handful grew up into
a big beautiful boy...
such a big part of our family
those green mischievous eyes 
Helping his brother to see Jake is
just a big teddy bear!
and keeping Henley company....
I love him very dearly
I love this gorgeous boy laying with his
big belly all out there for the world to see!
I can't even imagine a time without his goof ball antics. 
so for now...
I will just spoil this big guy!
and Love and be thankful
that I have him here with me
for the time I do.
because I know without
any doubt that one day
My precious boy
will greet me on the other
side when my time on earth
is over.  Knowing this
Comforts me Greatly!